2011 Annual Show Results

All Photos are courtesy of ©KSDigital Photography and a full slideshow can be viewed here


BIS Kitten & Overall Best in Show
Crazipuss Kaliedescope Black Tortie Tabby British (20e) F

Owned and Bred by Mrs P. Gribben

BIS Adult
Ch Bluegenerations Young Rebell
Lilac Tabby Colourpointed British (40 14) M

Owned by Mrs K Holloway - Bred by N Reichart

BIS Neuter
Kabenbe Champagne-Zoe Blue White Bi-Coloured British (31a) F

Owned by Mrs E Willis - Bred by Mrs P Potter

BIS Pedigree Pet
Felix Black & White Semi-Longhair MN

Owned by Mrs S Ruse

BIS Non-Pedigree
Duke Ginger and White MN

Owned by Mrs P Potter
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