2012 Annual Show Results


BIS Adult
UK & IGRCH Sheephouse Ami Lilac British (15c) F

Owned and Bred by Mrs J Bradley

BIS Kitten
Colinswood Caleb Blue British (16) M

Owned by Mrs D Conway - Bred by Mrs Simmons

BIS Neuter & Overall Best in Show
Purrceptibly Jewel Blue British (16) FN

Owned by Mr Kang - Bred by Mr Walker

BIS Pedigree Pet
Goldilocks Golden Tipped Tabby Longhair (FN)

Owned by Mrs S Ruse

BIS Non Pedigree
IGMC Heidi (DGM) Tortie and White Tabby Shorthair (FN)

Owned by Mrs C Tolhurst
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